NCHL - Our Hockey Philosophy

Our hockey philosophy can be described in four words.
  • Character
  • Integrity
  • Maturity 
  • Respect
Character - is about making the tough decisions, it is about seeing where your teammates may be stepping out of line and helping them out when needed. It is about being a leader within yourself and helping others be leaders as well. It is about taking a negative situation and turning it around into a positive one by making a tough choice of removing yourself out of the game or one of your teammates when things get too heated.
Integrity - the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished. Being an example on the ice, on the bench and in the dressing room will maintain the integrity of the hockey philosophy. It looks weak when you don't walk the walk, when you give it to the refs and then turn around and tell the guys on the bench to cool it. Better yet do as I say not as I do, that must be the most hypocritical quote available. Think it, say it and live it or don't. There is no middle ground. 
Maturity - comes with experience and unfortunately in most cases age. It is a lot easier to get dragged down to someone's level when they are making it easy for you to drop the gloves. What would that achieve in the game or in the real world? What will be proven by tripping a guy or slamming a player into the boards? Will the score at the end of the game matter or is it more important to enjoy each other's company on the ice and in the dressing room? No one is heading to the NHL, that ship has sailed a long time ago for some and never has left the port for most. So why not apologize to your opponent you just tripped and help him get up so he can enjoy the game the same way you do? 

Respect - you can not demand it, you can not buy it but you can earn it by giving it to everyone on and off the ice. There is no need to swear at the ref or throw a temper tantrum. Do you really think people will respond to the one who is making demands? It takes respect not to hack or yap at your opponent and it takes respect to play the game with class.