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Monday, December 02, 2019

Time to get your team ready for summer hockey! Edmonton Summer 2020 registration will be open on Tuesday, December 3rd, at 12:00 noon MST.

You can see all the details and pricing here.
Make sure you are ready to register, as the first teams to register and get their deposit in will get to choose their schedules first (when it comes time to do so)!
Thank you for being a part of the NCHL! 
2019 Alberta Summer Provincial Highlights
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Monday, September 23, 2019

The 2019 Alberta Summer Provincials were an amazing time as always! Check out the photos of the winners here!
Playoff Schedules/Rules
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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Select a link below to go directly to divisional schedule:

Government issued photo ID must be shown to TK during warm up for each playoff game
If a player does not have Photo ID they will not be permitted to play.

All players require 1/3 of the teams originally scheduled games to qualify for playoffs. We do not make any exceptions on minimum games required for playoffs. All goalies require 1/3 of the teams originally scheduled games in goal to play in playoffs. Goalies with less than 5 games played must follow the spare goalie process below.

A player with a combination of games between goal and player is permitted to play out however, if you require this player to play in net and the player does not have 5 games playing in goal you must follow the spare goalie request below.

Spare goalie process for playoffs:

If a team requires a spare goalie they must give a MINIMUM of 24 hours notice. Teams are to email with all of the teams the spare goalie plays on, any other leagues the spare goalie plays in, and all stats from all team pages for the teams they play on.

Spare goalies must play in the NCHL current S2019 season and play in the same division or lower to be considered an acceptable spare goalie. Goalies playing in divisions higher than the team division will not be approved as a spare goalie. Goalies not currently playing in the NCHL in the Summer 2019 season will not be approved for playoffs.

Goalies are only reviewed on a per game basis, if a goalie is approved for one game that does not make them automatically approved for a second. They must send a request in for each game they require a spare goalie.

We do understand that there are last minute fill ins required in some instances. If a team is not able to follow the spare goalie process above due to a last minute cancelation they are still required to submit all of the above info BEFORE the goalie plays their game.  

A review will be completed ASAP after the game and if the goalie is determined to be above the level of the division they are playing in the team will forfeit after the game is played and their opponent will continue on.

Anytime a spare goalie is approved for playoffs no goalie listed on the regular season team goalie roster is able to play out and the team will forfeit for playing an illegal player if they do so.

No jersey infractions are allowed in playoffs

Every team is required to have matching jerseys in playoffs. Players that are not in an acceptable team jersey based on the NCHL jersey rules will not be permitted to play.
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Wednesday, May 01, 2019

It may not feel like winter is coming, but it is time to start thinking about winter hockey. The sooner you do, the more money you will save and better schedule you will get!
And good news: we at the NCHL listened to your feedback and have created all new pricing packages and schedule selection draft to fit your team's needs, no matter what you are looking for! Whether it is the cheapest package, or the best schedules you are looking for, we've got you covered!
To register, please tell your GM to go to, select Payments on the lefthand menu, and then Join Another Season at the top.
If you are putting a new team together, just choose Create Team from the lefthand menu. To see the new pricing packages and find out more information on the winter season please click here.
See you on the ice!
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2019 - 2020 League Leaders
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Larry Brown
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Marc Lalonde
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Maxime Lapratte
YEGas Knights
Wes Amundson
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Maxime Lapratte
YEGas Knights
Marc Bibeau
Winter Hawks
Danny Yang
Imperial Stormtroopers

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