Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Winter 2018-19 Registration Now Open!
Posted By:
Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Sign your team up now for the 2018-19 Winter Season! To get in:
- Go to Dashboard then to Team Settings
- Scroll down to the bottom and choose Join Another Season.
- Choose Winter 2018-19 Season, and your payment plan
- Add your players to the team invoice and tell them to pay up!
See you on the ice this winter! 
How To Find Playoff Schedule
Posted By: Admin
Monday, March 26, 2018


1. Go to schedule 2. Under filters choose Season, then Division and then the month, for winter it is April for Summer it is August 3. Playoff schedule for the division should appear below 4. Check standings to see where you may finish the season at
Winter 2018 Playoff Rules
Posted By: Admin
Thursday, March 22, 2018

Spare goalie process for playoffs.  

If a team requires a spare goalie they must give a MINIMUM of 24 hours notice.  Teams are to email their account manager with all of the teams the spare goalie plays on, any other leagues the spare goalie plays in, and all stats from all team pages for the teams they play on.

Spare goalies must play in the NCHL current S2017 season and play in the same division or lower to be considered an acceptable spare goalie.  Goalies playing in divisions higher than the team division will not be approved as a spare goalie.  Goalies not currently playing in the NCHL in the Winter 2017-18 season will not be approved for playoffs.

Goalies are only reviewed on a per game basis, if a goalie is approved for one game that does not make them automatically approved for a second.  They must send a request in for each game they require a spare goalie.

We do understand that there are last minute fill ins required in some instances.  If a team is not able to follow the spare goalie process above due to a last minute cancelation they are still required to submit all of the above info BEFORE the goalie plays their game.  

A review will be completed ASAP after the game and if the goalie is determined to be above the level of the division they are playing in the team will forfeit after the game is played and their opponent will continue on.

Anytime a spare goalie is approved for playoffs no goalie listed on the regular season team goalie roster is able to play out and the team will forfeit for playing an illegal player if they do so.

No jersey infractions are allowed in playoffs

Every team is required to have matching jerseys in playoffs.  Players that are not in an acceptable team jersey based on the NCHL jersey rules will not be permitted to play.

All players require 10 games to qualify for playoffs.  We do not make any exceptions on minimum games required for playoffs.  All goalies require 10 games in goal to play in playoffs.  Goalies with less than 10 games played must follow the spare goalie process above.

A player with a combination of games between goal and player is permitted to play out however, if you require this player to play in net and the player does not have 10 games playing in goal you must follow the spare goalie request above.

Any questions please contact your account manager.
Summer 2018 Registration Now Open
Posted By: Admin
Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Team registration for the 2018 Summer Season is now open! Instantly extend the Early Bird credit deadline for 30 days if you register your team in December. This gives you more time to save big!

To register your existing team please follow these steps:

1) Login to your Breakout account and go to Payments in the menu, then select Join Another Season at the top, and choose Summer 2018.

2) Select the invoice you want to manage, add your players to it and assign what they need to pay. They can now start signing up and paying their fees at their convenience. Once you reach the minimum deposit of $1500, your team will be placed in line for schedule selection. The sooner you have enough for a deposit, the better schedule options you will have!

If you are thinking of starting your very own team for summer, login into your Breakout account and go to Create Team, the rest is simple to follow, just make sure you join the right league and season.

Please register your team today to make sure that you have the best choice of schedule when the time comes to picking it. Some of our schedule packages are ALREADY SOLD OUT!

Thank you!

2018 Summer League Leaders
Carl Deleon
James Fong
Rad Warriors
Aahron Sangalang
Black & Blue
Carl Deleon
Moshin Shah
Carl Deleon
Moshin Shah
Kevan Tacq
Dropbears II
Justin Wong
Rubber Puckies
Megan Johnson
Rad Warriors

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